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Fibre broadband update

published on 22nd Dec 2022

This notice was last updated on 22nd Dec 2022.

Escrick is currently served by 'Fibre to the Cabinet' (FTTC) broadband. This typically gives speeds between 30 - 70mbps depending upon the distance from the cabinet on the A19.

Openreach do not currently have plans to upgrade Escrick to 'full fibre to the premises' (FTTP). 

Escrick was included the phase two of the Government's 'Project Gigabit' programme: which may provide funding for fibre broadband in future.

In the meantime, a separate provider, Factco, have announced their intention to provide their own fibre broadband network in Escrick, and recently installed a service cabinet for this on the A19.

Some areas of the village have received noticed advising that telegraph poles will be installed to carry the fibres to houses. Installation is expected to commence in March 2023. More details can be found on Factco's website:

Dogs on Village Green - polite reminder

published on 11th Nov 2022

This notice was last updated on 11th Nov 2022.

from Escrick Village Green Association

Could we kindly remind all dog owners that dogs must be kept on a lead on the Village Green area. We have been advised of two recent incidents when children have been knocked over on the green by dogs running free. Thank you for your attention.

Disruption to bus services from 6th June 2022

published on 4th Jun 2022

This notice was last updated on 4th Jun 2022.

Due to planned industrial action, the 415 bus service is expected to be suspended from Monday 6th June. 

Please see Arriva website for more details:

Dates for Queen's Jubilee Events in Escrick 2022

published on 30th Apr 2022

This notice was last updated on 30th Apr 2022.

Dates for your diary Queen's Jubilee Events in Escrick 2022

Wednesday 1st June: Escrick Tea Shop will be celebrating the event & further details will be available closer to the time.

Wednesday 1st June: To be launched in St Helens Church - Memories of Jubilees Past

Thursday 2nd June: Beacon Lighting on Village Green-21:45. Escrick beacon will be one of over 1500 lit on the evening in honour of this special occasion. The lighting of the Beacon will be the first international, community event of The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Weekend.

Friday 3rd June: 1600 onwards Street party style dinner on the Green. Bring your own food/picnic.

Saturday 4th June: Family event held on the Green with various activities run by the Pre-School / PTA.

Football Tournament style event to held in the afternoon. 1600 onwards Escrick Club will be holding a BBQ and intend to have a big screen showing the live Platinum Jubilee Party at Buckingham Palace All details are provisional and subject to change updates will be made available via Facebook.


Parish Magazine May 2022

published on 30th Apr 2022

This notice was last updated on 30th Apr 2022.

The May edition of the Escrick Parish Magazine has been published online! 

Here is the link:

The Monday Players presents Abigail's Party

published on 20th Apr 2022

This notice was last updated on 20th Apr 2022.


by Mike Leigh

Let’s travel back to the 1970s and a time of cheese and pineapple on sticks, paisley prints, and Demis Roussos. This evening, suburban socialite Beverly and her husband Laurence are hosting a drinks party, despite Laurence arriving home late from work. They have invited their new neighbors, married couple Tony and Angela, along with their recently divorced, next door neighbor Susan, who has been banished from her home as her teenage daughter Abigail is throwing her first party. As the drinks flow, tensions rise. Beverly flirts with Tony, while Laurence sulks on the sofa. Sniping, bickering, and drunken dancing ensue, until the evening comes to a sudden close...

Thursday 19th, Friday 20th, Saturday 21st May 2022 at 7.30pm
The Village Hall, Escrick

Tickets £10

Tickets available from:
Monday Players Members

Further details on the production are available on our website:

New Escrick Village website

published on 5th Apr 2022

This notice was last updated on 5th Apr 2022.

'New' Escrick Village website

The Escrick Parish Council website has been updated.

The Parish Council website now adopts the Government standards for design and accessibility of public authority websites. This helps ensure that website is accessible to as many people as possible, including those with visual impairments.

To simplify compliance with Government standards for public authority websites, this 'new' website of has been set-up to provide local information that is not directly related to the Parish Council. Any pages that were previously part of the Parish Council website that are not directly related to the Parish Council have been moved across.

If you were registered for email updates on the Parish Council website you will continue to receive these for updates on the Parish Council website. You will however need to register separately for any updates on this website by following this link.

Parish Magazine April 2022

published on 2nd Apr 2022

This notice was last updated on 2nd Apr 2022.

The April edition of the Escrick Parish Magazine has been published online! 

Here is the link:  

Parish Magazine Update - April 2022

published on 2nd Apr 2022

This notice was last updated on 2nd Apr 2022.

The following update appears in April 2022 Parish Magazine

Escrick Parish Council Update

Bus stops: We are waiting for City of York Council to confirm installation timescales for an additional streetlight opposite the Sang Thai to improve lighting on the way to, and at, the bus stops.

Highways: Dropped kerbs are in the process of being installed at many of the junctions in the village to aid wheelchair and pushchair users.   A ‘village gateway’ is due to be installed on Skipwith Road at the entrance to the village from the south, as a speeding mitigation measure.

Shop: A working group is continuing to develop proposals for a shop in the village. Additionally, plans are at an advanced stage to pilot a mobile Post Office in the village.

Planning - NDP: Consultation on Escrick’s Neighbourhood Development Plan concludes on 4th April. Selby District Council will then appoint an independent examiner to review the plan. If that is successful, there will then be a public referendum for adoption of the plan.

Planning – Local Plan: The next stage of consultation on Selby District Council’s local plan has been deferred until the summer due to the elections in May. This stage of consultation is expected to include a recommendation as to whether or not to proceed with the proposed Heronby new settlement.

Planning – Conservation Area Review: Selby District Council’s ‘Conservation Area Review’ is expected to be approved in April. This proposes to withdraw the Permitted Development Rights of householders to alter, replace or remove, doors, windows, boundary walls and roofs for all properties within the Conservation Area.

Jubilee celebrations: Various activities are being coordinated by groups in the village for the Jubilee long-weekend, in addition to a Jubilee garden initiative. Details will be published directly by those organising these. The Parish Council has agreed to take on the lease for the land to be used for the Jubilee Garden, and to apply for various grants on behalf of the volunteers.

Council changes and elections: As residents may be aware, Central Government has decided that the current three-tier structure of County, District and Parish Councils is to be replaced with a new two-tier structure. There will be a new ‘North Yorkshire Council’, where Escrick will become part of a new ‘Cawood and Escrick’ division, and new Parish Councils will be elected with existing boundaries. Elections will be held in May for both the new unitary authority and Parish Council. There will then be a transition year whilst the new authority gets ready to take over from 1st April 2023. More: Anyone wishing to stand as a Councillor for either authority must have their nominations submitted to Selby District Council by 5th April:

Parish Council meeting dates: 4th April and 9th May. All meetings at 7.30pm at Escrick and Deighton Club. Contact: Clerk (Sally Look),, Chair (Richard Rowson),; Website:



North Yorkshire County Election and Parish Elections - Thursday 5 May 2022

published on 18th Mar 2022

This notice was last updated on 18th Mar 2022.

From next year there will be a new single council in North Yorkshire, providing all the services you are used to receiving. 

The new North Yorkshire Council will replace the seven district and borough councils as well as the county council on 1 April 2023.

In May this year you will be able to vote for one of 90 new councillors who will represent 89 new divisions. These councillors will serve for five years. For their first year they will represent the county council for its final year. They will then serve the new single council for its first four years. 

Escrick will form part of the new 'Cawood and Escrick' division. (Details of the new divisions can be viewed on an interactive map alongside current district wards and parish boundaries). 

The election will take place on Thursday 5 May 2022, click here to find out more.

As part of the Structural Change Order to create the new Council, the term of office of all current Parish Councillors will end on the fourth day after the ordinary day of elections in 2022. 

Elections for new Parish Councillors will be held on 5 May 2022, who will serve a term until 2027. Please see Notice of Election for more details, or the dedicated page on Selby District Council website

Candidates who wish to stand for election need to ensure that their nominations are delivered by 4pm on Tuesday 5 April 2022.

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