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Plan Selby - update

published on 17th Dec 2014

This notice was last updated on 17th Dec 2014.

Update from Escrick Parish Council regarding 'Plan Selby' : click here

Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

published on 2nd Dec 2014

This notice was last updated on 2nd Dec 2014.

Please click here for the latest Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

Recent Police and Neighbourhood Watch information

published on 2nd Dec 2014

This notice was last updated on 2nd Dec 2014.

This information  was received recently by the Parish Council.

Free Driver Training

published on 29th Nov 2014

This notice was last updated on 29th Nov 2014.

The following information was received recently by the Parish Council: Driver Training 

Information re Pumping Stations

published on 29th Nov 2014

This notice was last updated on 29th Nov 2014.

The following information was received by the Parish Council recently: Pumping Stations Fact Sheet 

Plan Selby Notice

published on 25th Nov 2014 (updated on 17th Dec 2014)

This notice was last updated on 17th Dec 2014.

From today, you've got a chance to influence where development takes place in the Selby district between now and 2027. That's because Selby District Council is asking for views on its proposed Plan Selby. This sets out where new business and housing growth could be supported over the next decade and beyond.

The consultation on Plan Selby is the next stage of a long-running process to put in place a framework to support new business investment and to help deliver new homes.

The Council is publishing draft documents for your comments. This Initial Consultation runs from 24 November 2014 until Monday 19 January 2015. During this period documents can be viewed at Council Offices and Local Libraries during normal working hours or at one of the public consultation events being organised. The documents can also be viewed and further information found on the Selby District Council website at

Heritage Lottery Fund

published on 24th Nov 2014

This notice was last updated on 24th Nov 2014.

Heritage Lottery Fund and Selby District AVS

Street Lighting Upgrade

published on 25th Oct 2014 (updated on 25th Nov 2014)

This notice was last updated on 25th Nov 2014.

The Parish Council intends to upgrade the standard of street lighting for a large part of the village. The cost of doing this will require a 10 year loan which will increase the precept levied by the Council on our residents. This notice seeks your views on this course of action. The Parish Council is responsible for the cost of electricity and maintenance for the street lighting in most areas of the village, the exceptions being the housing developments in Dower Park and Chase, Carrs Meadow, Escrick Park Gardens and Woodlands which are maintained by North Yorkshire County Council. 

The annual electricity bill for this lighting is approx. £2000 and is the single largest expenditure by the Council. For many years these lighting columns have required little or no maintenance apart from changing of the fluorescent tubes and fittings. However, in 2010 we began to see a series of failures in the columns themselves with one on Skipwith Road failing completely, two on The Glade showing cracking and a further concrete column in Dower Chase showing the same problem. The Council decided to ask the experts at North Yorkshire County Council to look at the problem and their report was received in September 2013. 

The report stated that all of the concrete columns must be replaced as the design of these did not meet current safety standards. For the same reason, all lighting on wooden poles should be replaced. Lastly, although the steel columns were of an acceptable standard, the lanterns would be obsolete in 2015 and should be replaced with modern low energy units. 

North Yorkshire County Council also provided budgetary figures for the replacement costs of both columns and lanterns. A small group of Councillors calculated the costs of carrying out these strong recommendations and the total sum is £22,750. 

The Parish Council had a precept (our annual income from Selby District Council) at that time of £11,000, so clearly a loan would be required to achieve this. Fortunately, public bodies have access to very good fixed interest rate loans but the net effect is still a borrowing cost in the region off £2,500 per annum for a ten year period. 

The benefits to the village would be considerable. One of the most frequent complaints we receive at the Parish Council is the poor quality of the lighting, especially in the primary routes of Main Street, Skipwith Road and Carr Lane. Modern lighting columns are LED and provide a much brighter light using 40 watts per bulb than the old style units which use 80 watts, and of course this will significantly reduce electricity consumption for these units. Parishioners can see how the new style of columns look and work by visiting Carrs Meadow as these have been replaced in the last year by North Yorkshire County Council. 

Our next stage is to obtain quotations from providers of street lighting for this work. Once we have determined the actual cost we can apply for the loan and arrange for the work to be carried out which is likely to be during the course of next year. 

If you have any comments to make on this scheme or any further questions, can you please email to or write to the Clerk at 19 Dower Chase YO19 6JF before 28th October 2014 in order that we can discuss the responses at the November Parish Council meeting.

Public and Patient Engagement Forum

published on 16th Oct 2014

This notice was last updated on 16th Oct 2014.

Tuesday 28 October 2014, 6-8pm

Be the commissioner!

In an innovative approach to involving the community in shaping decisions about local healthcare services, this event asks participants to take on the commissioning role.

You will have:

  • The CCG’s annual budget to spend on healthcare services
  • a responsibility to commission good quality, safe services
  • a duty to comply with NHS Standing Rules, promote the NHS Constitution and deliver effectiveness and efficiency.

The forum is one of the ways that the CCG gives local patients and members of the public the opportunity to have their say and get involved.

We hope that you can join us at Priory Street Centre, Priory Street, York. To confirm your attendance please phone 01904 555 870 or email

Cawood Bridge closure - Oct 2014

published on 10th Oct 2014

This notice was last updated on 10th Oct 2014.



North Yorkshire County Council hereby gives notice that from 19.10.14 until 23.10.14 inclusive, no person shall cause any vehicle to proceed across B1222, Cawood Bridge, Cawood in the District of Selby due to replacement of the traffic control barriers.

The closure will be put into effect when necessary by means of the erection of notices and signs. It is envisaged that the works will be undertaken from 08:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs on 19.10.14.

Access for pedestrians to premises on or adjacent to the road or only accessible from the road will be maintained at all times.

Vehicular access to properties on or adjacent to the road or only accessible from road will be maintained.

A local alternative route will be signed.

All enquiries to: Tel: 08458 72 73 74 – Ask for Selby Highways Office


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